Burden Calculator

Enter the IC Title and click on the "Add IC Burden" button to add the burden values for each individual IC within the ICR. The results will be listed in the summary tables below, which can be downloaded as a Word document.

ICR Summary Of Burden

Section 12-A Estimated Annualized Burden Hours
Action IC Title Annual Number of Respondents Number of Responses per Respondent Annual Number of Responses Average Burden Hours per Response Non Rounded Total Annual Burden Hours Total Annual Burden Hours
Total burden requested under this ICR
Section 12-B Estimated Annualized Burden Costs
IC Title Type of Respondent Total Annual Burden Hours Hourly Wage Rate Total Respondent Cost
Total burden requested under this ICR
Section 13 Estimates of Other Total Annual Cost Burden to Respondents or Record-keepers
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars)

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