Build an Information Collection

The IC Builder assists users in creating an information collection by featuring a full-text search function that allows users to find standardized OMB-approved data elements to add to their information collection by searching for key words in existing fields. This function enables a simple and quick search to locate data elements by searching data element names, data element field labels, sets, and form names already stored within SDER Library. Users are also able to create their own fields through the create new fields function, which guides users in creating a field, assigning customized attributes, and providing field instructions.

Builder Features

The IC Builder navigates users through three sections: Build, Preview, and Report.

  • In the build section, users will begin to form their information collection by creating a title and adding fields through using the search function or the create new fields function. Users are also able to title and add sections during the build section to organize the fields within the information collection.
  • The preview section allows users to review the information collection they have created, and make any necessary edits, such as removing or relocating a field or section. During the preview section, the IC Builder conducts a completeness check, providing warnings to the user if instructions have not been added to a created field or if a format has not been provided. Once the user is ready to finalize the information collection, the user can save the collection and will receive a popup notification indicating that the information collection has been successfully saved.
  • After previewing and saving a created information collection, the user can then access the "Report" tab in the IC Builder. The report section of the IC Builder allows the user to:
  • View the field labels added to a collection in sequential order; as well as the associated data element name, data type, data format, and list of values
  • Download the information collection in PDF or Microsoft Word format.
  • Download created fields and associated attributes to support information collection design in CSV or XML format.
  • Generates a cover sheet in PDF format, which maps the fields that have been added to a created information collection to existing data elements and forms within SDER Library, to support the OMB approval process. The cover sheet also lists matched forms within SDER Library, including the match percentage.
Drag and Drop
  • SDER Library allows users to drag and drop fields added to information collections in both the Build and Preview tabs. The drag and drop feature enables users to change the order of the fields or sections, or to move a field into a different section by placing the mouse over the desired field or section, clicking on the specific field or section, and dragging it to the preferred location. To ensure that the field or section is properly relocated, the user must correctly align the field with the one below or above it, and unclick the mouse. If a field cannot be dragged to a certain area (e.g., a field cannot be treated as a section with additional fields under it), a dark shaded background will appear in the area where the user is attempting to drop the field. Multiple layers (i.e., a sub-section with additional fields under a section) are not supported; only one layer (i.e., one layer of field under a section) is permitted.
Information Collection Status
  • SDER Library’s Information Collection Status feature allows a user to easily view the status of an information collection, including the IC’s name, total number of fields added, and number of added fields that exist within SDER Library. In the right-hand column, the user can view the forms (common or other forms) stored within SDER Library that best match the information collection, based on the number of identical fields; and can directly access the forms through the hyperlink provided. The status reports the percentage of matching fields from the form that is most similar to the user’s information collection. Users can also click on "See More Matched Forms" to view other forms within SDER Library that contain the same fields.
Need Help
  • When help is needed, users can click on the "Need Help" button located on the top right-hand side of the page next to the Information Collection Status bar. The Need Help pop-up box will open, directing users to the help page, which provides answers to frequently asked questions concerning SDER Library. Users can also enter free-form comments or questions in the text box, and will receive answers from SDER Library within two business days. To submit a question or comment, users must enter text in the comment text box.