Global Search

The global search function enables a simple, quick search to locate data elements and forms from any page. Users can enter a word, a phrase, or a number in the search box at the top of the page

When a user enters one or more words and clicks on the Search icon, the application searches data elements and forms that contain a match in at least one of the following fields:

  • Data Element Name
  • Data Element Definition
  • Data Element Field Label
  • Set
  • Form Name
  • OMB Control Number
  • Form Description
Search Results
  • Users can filter the results to display All, Data Elements only, or Forms only, by clicking one of the navigation tabs.
  • The "All" tab contains both data element and form search results, sorted by relevance. The total number of search records is shown in parentheses in the "All" tab.
  • The key words searched may exist in any of the fields, and are highlighted in yellow on the results page.
  • When users click on the info-circle icon symbol (which appears to the left of each row of the search results) to open the Data Element Detail View dialog box. This displays a pop-up window containing key details for the selected item. These key details are referred to as data element attributes.
Data Elements
  • The "Data Elements" tab displays data elements that contain search terms. The total number of data elements returned by the search is shown in parentheses in the "Data Elements" tab.
  • Data element results are presented as "Data Element Name|Field Label|Set|Definition."
  • The "Forms" tab displays a list of forms containing search terms. The total number of forms returned by the search is shown in parentheses in the"Forms" tab.
  • Form results are presented as "Form Name|OMB Control Number|OMB Expiration Date|Form Description."