JANUARY 16, 2017 (RELEASE 1.6)

  • New Agency/Organization Detail Page – This page provides information regarding agency-owned forms, expiring form count, and an external link to the organization. This information can be downloaded in CSV/PDF/XML format.
  • Enhanced Global Search – This feature can be used to perform a full-text search on both forms and data elements. The search results will be displayed in separate tabs to enable quick identification of information.
  • New Download Option – Both data element and form detail pages now support download in CSV/PDF/XML formats.
  • Form Detail Page – The data elements on the form detail page can be displayed in either the same order in which they appear in the physical forms, or in ascending order.
  • Set Feature – A set is a collection of relevant, related data elements. This feature enables quick look-up of relevant data elements in the Search Data Elements page. For example, if a user looks up the Agency Address set, all relevant data elements will be displayed: Agency Street 1, Agency Street 2, Agency City, Agency County, Agency State, Agency Province, Agency Country, Agency Zip/Postal Code.