My Agency Uploaded Forms

The "My Agency Uploaded Forms" page allows users with a Federal government email address to view all OMB-approved forms belonging to their specific agency. The page features a table with four columns, described in more detail below.

Form Name
  • The name of the uploaded approved form. A form name is hyperlinked to the corresponding Form Detail page if the form data has been added to SDER Library after data analysis and harmonization.
OMB Control Number
  • The control number assigned by OMB when the form is approved.
OMB Expiration Date
  • The form’s expiration date assigned by OMB when the form is approved.
  • The user can download the form by clicking the "Download" button.

Users are also able to filter their agency’s forms by OMB expiration date range or by selecting to view only those forms hosted in SDER Library. To filter forms by OMB expiration date range, users can enter a date manually using the mm/dd/yyyy format, or select a date from the drop-down calendar. To begin the filter by OMB expiration date, users must click on "Filter." Users can also filter forms to view only those hosted in SDER Library by checking the box next to "Forms Currently Hosted in SDER Library," located on the right side of the screen.

A user can also search for a specific form by using the search text box located above the Actions column. As the user enters text into the field, exact matches will appear in the search results.

Users can view the total number of records returned at the top and bottom of the table, and change how many entries the table shows at one time through the display records drop-down. Users are also able to navigate to multiple pages of the table by using the page numbers that appear on the top and bottom of the page. Users can also change the order of the listed forms by sorting the form name, OMB control number, and the OMB expiration date in ascending or descending order by clicking on the triangle located next to the column title.