My Information Collections

SDER Library users can view their previously created information collections by accessing the "My Information Collections" page through the "Information Collection Builder" drop-down menu. The page features a table with four columns, described in more detail below.

My IC Name
  • The name of the information collection created by the user.
Created Date
  • The date when the user first created the information collection.
Last Updated Date
  • The most recent date the user has revised the information collection.
The fourth column, Action, features four actions the user can take:
  • Edit
    • allows the user to easily edit an information collection by linking directly to the "Build" feature of SDER Library.
  • Download
    • allows the user to download an information collection into a Microsoft Word document.
  • Cover Sheet
    • allows the user to download an information collection into a PDF, which maps the fields that have been added to existing data elements and forms within SDER Library to support the OMB approval process.
  • Remove
    • allows a user to remove the information collection from the repository.

Users can view the total number of records returned at the top and bottom of the table, and change how many entries the table shows at one time through the display records drop-down. Users are also able to navigate to multiple pages of the table by using the page numbers that appear on the top and bottom of the page. Users can also change the order of the listed forms by sorting the IC Name, Created Date, or Last Updated Date in ascending or descending order by clicking on the triangle located next to the column title.