Set Details

What is a Set?

A set is a group of data elements that appear together in a form or an online system. A set is designed to show the relationship and organization of data elements that appear together in a collection. A set of elements may appear in multiple forms; however, a form may not contain all elements in a set. One form may include only Agency Street 1, Agency City, Agency State, or Agency Zip/Postal Code; while a different form may include all of the elements in this set.

Data Elements in a Set

Data elements are displayed in form sequence (mimicking the order in which data elements appear in a form). The "+" symbol allows users to open child rows that show data element attributes.

Report Downloads

The Data Element Details Downloads page allows users to download files containing information exactly as it appears (What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)) in the same three formats allowable throughout SDER Library.

  • The CSV download file includes all information about the set, and date of download.
  • The PDF download mirrors the CSV download in a well-formatted PDF file.
  • The XML download provides the information in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.