Upload Approved Forms

Upload New Forms

After accessing the "Upload Approved Forms" page, users can upload their forms into SDER Library by entering the form name, OMB control number, and OMB expiration date in the appropriate text fields. When entering the OMB expiration date, users can either enter the date manually, using the mm/dd/yyyy format; or use the drop-down calendar to select a date. To upload files, users must click on the button and then select a file to upload from their local folder. As indicated by the asterisks, users must populate all four fields before uploading their selected forms to the SDER Library’s form repository.

After entering the form’s name, OMB control number, and OMB expiration date, and uploading the file, users can then select "Add Row" if they wish to upload multiple forms; or "Submit" if they have no additional forms to upload. Users who wish to delete all entered information can select "Clear."

After uploading all forms and selecting "Submit," users will receive notification that their forms have been successfully uploaded. If a user attempts to submit a form before the fields are filled, a warning message will pop up next to the first empty field in the row.

Upload Existing Forms Hosted in SDER Library

Users can also upload forms into SDER Library from the Form Detail page, by clicking on the Upload New Form(s)" hyperlink. On the Upload Approved Forms page the form name, OMB control number, and OMB expiration date are pre-populated. Users can edit the pre-populated information and click "Clear" to delete all pre-populated information. A user must select to upload a new version of the form. After selecting a file from a local folder, the user must press "Submit" to upload the form into SDER Library. An "add additional rows" feature is not available on this page.

Users can also upload forms that already exist within SDER Library from the Upload Approved Forms page, by using the Form Name drop-down menu. The user can type in key words to find and select a specific form from the drop-down list. When the user selects the form name from the drop-down menu, the OMB control number and OMB expiration date will pre-populate. The user can then proceed by selecting a file. "Add Row," "Submit," and "Clear" options are also available.